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Do you have an idea or invention?  We can help bring your idea to life.

We can work with you to produce a computer generated 3D model of your design idea.  A simple sketch on paper can be transformed in a 3D solid model on the computer screen.  This model is a virtual model however it allows you to visualize your concept scaled to size with all the features of your design idea.   Based on the 3D model you can make design changes or move forward with producing an 'in your hands' fully functional prototype or proof  of concept model.

We can provide you with all of the engineering or technical drawings required to manufacture your product.  These drawings are produced to industry standards regarding dimensions and tolerances.

We can take your 3D solid model from the computer screen and produce an 'in your hands' rapid prototype model.  This proof of concept or rapid prototype model allows you to see, touch, and test your product. 

We can provide a quick turnaround on a rapid prototype model that is 3D printed.  These models are produced with a genuine thermoplastic which is UV resistant and maintains dimensional stability.  These models can be further post processed to provide a 'real life' visual product.

We can provide a fully functional working prototype, proof of concept or 1st generation product. 

Some of our mechanical design products include : custom tooling, jig and fixture design, custom brackets, mounts, adapter plates, ATV, snowmobile, automotive modifications, and confidential product design & development.

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